Secondary Education - Syllabus

Secondary Education is a school in the formal education system that has grades 9 to 12. Secondary Education is education at any of the grades mentioned above. Secondary Education is the next level of (upward) progression after Upper Primary.

There are two levels of secondary education. Lower Secondary Level consists grades 9 & 10 while Upper Secondary consists grades 11 & 12. Lower Secondary education can be attained by attending either a secondary chool or a provincial high school - some schools have yet to have their status changed from provincial high school (old education structure) to secondary school (new/reformed structure). Similarly, upper secondary education can also be attained by attending a National High School (NHS).

Subjects and Examinations

There are two external examinations at secondary level;

1. Lower secondary exams (Gr. 10)
2. Upper secondary exams (Gr. 12)

The Grade 10 Certificate is called the 'School Certificate' while the Grade 12 Certificate is called 'Higher School Certificate'.

Subjects and Syllabus(s)