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Launch of My Project Management System

The Department of Education has launched a new software application called the MyProject Management System (MPMS) to monitor and track all the projects it is implementing throughout the country in a small but significant ceremony on the afternoon of Thursday, May 30.

The My Project Management System is a project management tool that monitors and tracks all projects for the Department of Education throughout the country. This ranges from building infrastructure, books, and curriculum materials distribution, to software development including donor projects.


The application captures budgeting and payment schedules. It also provides a friendly dashboard that shows the progress of the projects by programs, by province, districts, and schools.


We believe this will be a transparent system that will give us a clear progress of the project for ourselves and our stakeholders. It will also help us to account for the public funds that we receive for different projects each year.

Also, the management will be kept up to date with the implementation of the projects.


Key features and functionalities of MPMS:

a.      Task Management

b.      Project Planning

c.      Collaboration Tools

d.      Resource Management

e.      Gantt Charts Visualizations

f.       Reporting and Analytics

g.      Integration with Other Tools

h.      Customization and Scalability


Overall, the My Project Management System application aims to streamline project planning, execution, and monitoring processes, ultimately helping users deliver projects more effectively and efficiently.


The Secretary thanked the staff of the Project Management Unit and ICT for working around the clock with the developer INDTech Labs to develop the application.


We have developed a lot of applications that are supposed to make our work efficient however; officers must also make full use of these applications.

I encourage all our officers to use these applications to ensure we get our money's worth.


Dr.Kombra also thanked the staff from the Departments of National Planning and Monitoring and Labour and Industrial Relations for witnessing the launch and asked them to use the software application if they think it's of value to their organizations.


Authorised for release