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NEC Approved Education Transformation Vision 2075

The PNGETV 2075 is a holistic 50-year education strategic roadmap that will span five decades of continuous planning, management, implementation, and evaluation through short-term plans such as the MTDP IV, sector and agency plans, provincial plans, district plans, LLG plans, and ward plans—the PNGETV 2075 highlights prevailing and perennial challenges. The PNGETV 2075 is about reforming the entire education system by overhauling and restructuring what does not work and maintaining what works.

The PNGETV 2075 complements the PNG Vision 2050, especially Pillar number 1 on human capital development, gender, youth, and people empowerment, the MTDP IV Strategic Priority Area (SPA) number 4 on Quality Education and Skilled Human Capital, and the National Goals and Directive Principle number 1 of the National Constitution on Integral Human Development.

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