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Government Tuition Fee Subsidy Reports


In 2022, the Government is taking full responsibility to pay 100% tuition fees under the revised GTFS Policy. The Government is relieving parents who are struggling to maintain the partnership established in tuition fee payment for students in the last two years. The Government maintains two components in the policy – Operation and Functional Grant (80% funding paid directly to school accounts) and Commodity Component (20% to procure and supply teaching and learning materials and to support Mathematics and Science in schools)

The government is paying all fees and schools are directed not to charge additional fees. Project fees only are allowed after the Provincial Education Board (PEB) gives approval based on school submission of the following;

  • School Learning Improvement Plan (SLIP),
  • Project Plan,
  • Scope and Budget of selected project and
  • Show a P&C Association agreement.

FODE education is also free in 2022 and those who wish to complete their education should enroll at the nearest FODE Centre. Those who left the school system already and are enrolling to upgrade qualification may pay a fee


The Government will pay 100% of the tuition fees. Parents meet other education associated costs such as uniform and transport.

Project Fees

These fees are paid after Provincial Education Boards approve based on the criteria mentioned above. The Fee Limit approved for all schools by the National Education Board (NEB) are

  • Pre-School/Elementary – K20
  • Primary – K60
  • High/Secondary and Vocational – K220
No school should collect project fees above the limit set by NEB.

Church Agency Fees

Church agency fees are to be paid by each student attending a church agency school as per the Education Act, 1983. Provincial Education Boards will set and approve the fees, but must not be above the maximum limits set below;

  • Elementary – K5.00
  • Primary – K7.00
  • High/Secondary and Vocational – K10.00
Transfer in and Re-enrolment fee

Schools are not to impose a fee on students that transfer in from one school to another or re-enrolling due to withdrawal in the previous year. Schools should keep records of transfer in students and seek PEB endorsement for payment by Department of Education.


NO school administration or governing board is to refuse any child from enrolling in a school or attending classes for non-payment of fees

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