1.       Personal /Family background

My father was a Lutheran Evangelist from Kokop Village, Mt.Hagen. I was born at Kotna Dei Council, but now adopted by the Yamka Tribe and  live at  Dobel Village, just outside Mt.Hagen.

2.       Education

Primary – Kotna Primary School – Grade Prep to 6 – 1969 to 1975.

High school – Grade 7 to 9 – Mt.Hagen High School , Gr. 10 Pausa High – Enga Province


Diploma in Teaching Sec – GTC, 1980 to 1982

Bachelor in Education (Ins) University Of Goroka  - 1997 to 1998

Masters in Education Admin – University of New England, Austrailia 2001

Masters in Ed with Hons. – University of New England, Austrailia 2002

PhD – Queensland University of Technology 2008 to 2011.  Doctoral Thesis - Front Page Back Page Schools – A study of


3.       Professional career

Some of this policy reforms and systems that we will put in place will lay the foundation for a quality education system that caters for everyone. A system that will produce students that can compete with the rest of the world. The Department's  policies and changes will be underpinned by four directive service principles, namely:

  1. Building capacity and empowering provinces and districts;
  2. Modernizing and improving productivity with technology and out of the box interventions; there is limitation in resources but there is no shortage in ideas. We must make changes in our practices to achieve more with little.
  3. Governance and accountability – Good governance and accountability framework, and compliance will surely improve our service delivery endeavors.
  4. Most important -- Keeping our teachers and staff happy.  Behind every file number there is a person. Let us keep our staff and teachers happy not in building mansions or buying cars for all, but small interventions that can result in greater impact. E.g. we must ensure that every teacher receives his/her due entitlements on time and in full.


I want to see every child in PNG receive quality education that is equal to anywhere in the world.

This is achievable if every stakeholder embrace this vision, work together and consolidate our focus and resources to ensure that