Education Structure


Parental Responsibility

Parents are responsible for the education of their children. Parents must honor their obligations to contribute to their children's education by making sure children are ready for school every day.

School Fee Responsibility

Tuition Fee Free is a Government of PNG policy initiated in 2011 and first implemented in 2012. The Tuition Fee Free Policy is a subsidized school fee for all students in PNG from elementary schools up to Secondary and vocational institutions as well as those in Open Distance Learning and Special Education Institutions.

Parents are not allowed to pay for any fees. Schools charging parents fees will face disciplinary action by the Department of Education.

Project Fees:

Project Fee payments deferred until NEC'S deliberation

Exam Dates

Examinations will be held for Grade 8, Grade 10 & Grade 12.

Dates to observe:

  • Grade 10 Written Expression Exam - June 8, 2017
  • Grade 12 Written Expression Exam - August 7, 2017
  • Grade 10 Examinations - 1 week October 9 - 13, 2017
  • Grade 12 Examinations - 8 days October 16 - 25, 2017
  • Grade 8 Examinations - 4 days October 30 - Nov 2, 2017

Dates for subjects will be given at a later date.

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