News and Events

2015 National Literacy Week The 20th National Literacy Week 2015 will be held in Simbu Province from 7th-11th of September with the theme “Quality Literacy Quality Education. National Literacy and Awareness Secretariat is working around the clock to host this event as part of its roles in promoting literacy in the remote areas of Papua New Guinea

2014 NLW ReportThe 19th National Literacy Week 2014 was held in Gulf Province from 8th to 14th September 2014 with the theme “Literacy: Key to Your World”. While the celebration was concluded in a very high note, it was obvious that Gulf Province has a lowest literacy rate (less than 60%) compared to other provinces in the Sothern Region of Papua New Guinea 2014 National Literacy Week held in Gulf Province with the theme Literacy Key to your world. The theme signifies that Literacy is the way to go if PNG is to reduce poverty, control HIV/AIDS and other disease and to improve law and order and living standards of citizens. Without Literacy, words have no meaning. The full reports (hard copies) are available in the National Literacy & Awareness Secretariat office. Soft copy is available for download: 2014 Literacy Week Report.pdf

National Literacy Week 2014 is the 19th to be hosted by Gulf Province from the 8 -12 September
2014. September 8 each year is the International Literacy Day.